Northern Territory

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Marianne Harvey


    Where’s wallaby? 45,000 citizen scientists help researchers save our species
    30 August 2016

    Wildlife Spotter is the online citizen science project for National Science Week 2016, undertaken by ABC Science in conjunction with the Australian Museum and six different wildlife research projects. Supported by funding through the Citizen Science package, it’s giving Australian from all walks of life an insight into the research process. Australia is a vast

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    Science by stealth: with zombies; million-dollar barramundi; and biological art
    30 August 2016

    Rather than reinventing the wheel or preaching to the converted, InspiredNT manager Paul Lyons is working with a range of science engagement activity organisers to bring bigger and broader audiences to their events, as well as his own. Just don’t say the word ‘science’ too loudly. Territorians aren’t particularly known for their interest in theoretical

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    How to watch a croc dissection more than once
    30 August 2016

    There’s nothing like ‘cutting up a crocodile’ to grab attention!  Inspiring Australia’s team in the Territory grabbed this opportunity and turned it into an introduction to animal anatomy, a successful science media opportunity, a university open day highlight, an engagement opportunity for the local croc industry, and a series of video resources for science teachers.

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    Inspiring Australia’s 2014: science hubs, pubs, apps and more
    19 December 2014

    Another year is nearly over, but science engagement carries on—and so does Inspiring Australia. Now in its fourth year, the Inspiring Australia strategy unifies state and national efforts in science communication. It’s giving individuals the chance to be part of citizen science initiatives; getting scientists and organisations to think about, and develop, improved ways of

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    Inspiring Australia into 2014
    5 February 2014

    Many great things have come out of the Inspiring Australia program, but the real achievement has been to establish a model for coordinating science engagement, with the challenge now for scientists and communicators to keep working together to make the most of this opportunity....

    Dropping SCOM BOMBs live online
    19 December 2013
    Will Grant and Rod Lamberts, hosts of the SCOM BOMB

    A science communication voice for the downtrodden, for the juvenile and for the irreverent is lacking no more. SCOM BOMB, a weekly Google Hangout presented by the good Doctors Rod Lamberts and Will Grant, drops bombs on the communication of science and the science of communication....

    Science Week in the Red Centre
    15 November 2013

    Tanya Ha reports on preaching beyond the converted at the desertSMART EcoFair in Alice Springs....

    Leading science peak bodies to form a unified voice
    2 September 2013

    The new Science Sector Group will harvest the passion of leading non-government science organisations to conduct joint public education campaigns for emerging scientific issues that have the potential to become controversial....

    Indigenous rangers promoting science in their communities
    31 May 2013

    Tangentyere Council’s Land and Learning project is linking traditional ecological knowledge and western science, working with Indigenous ranger groups to inform and engage their communities in science....

    Inspiring NT
    12 June 2012

    Farming in the desert, hi-tech “QR Codes” to be placed on walking trail and more....