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Man looking through a telescope

Inspiring Australia partnership for Victoria

The Australian and Victorian governments are jointly funding the Inspiring Australia program in Victoria, with a local presence based at the Royal Society of Victoria. The project will encourage excellence and community participation in STEM through major initiatives across the state, including National Science Week 2018, new citizen science projects, community forums, science talks and

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Where’s wallaby? 45,000 citizen scientists help researchers save our species

Wildlife Spotter is the online citizen science project for National Science Week 2016, undertaken by ABC Science in conjunction with the Australian Museum and six different wildlife research projects. Supported by funding through the Citizen Science package, it’s giving Australian from all walks of life an insight into the research process. Australia is a vast

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The next generation of biomedical animators

In 2012, VizbiPlus won a $350,000 Inspiring Australia grant to help three biomedical animators learn from the master—award-winning biomedical animator Drew Berry. They’re now applying their skills, telling medical stories, explaining epigenetics and demystifying gene technology. VizbiPlus is a joint project of two top biomedical research institutes—The Garvan in Sydney and Walter and Eliza Hall

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Statins and Sydney Harbour: awards for spreading the word

Meet the winners of the Australia Museum Eureka Prizes for Science Communication & Journalism Speaking science underwater – Eureka Prize for Promoting Understanding of Australian Science Research Professor Emma Johnston describes Sydney Harbour as her laboratory. It’s a laboratory that bears the impacts of four million people living nearby, not to mention a century of

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Lights! Camera! Science! FameLab Australia

Lights! Camera! Science! Passionate Aussie scientists are in the spotlight talking science. No jargon, no lab coats – props, music and poetry optional. But they’ve only got 3 minutes. Join us in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide for the State Heats of FameLab Australia – a competition that gives early-career researchers the chance to talk about their science

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