STEM Superheroes

Last year, our Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkle, challenged Australians to name just five living Australian scientists using the twitter hashtag #5ScientistPledge. From this list, the #AusScienceHeroes were born.

Following on this year, a number of academic, research and other organisations have shared the profiles of some of their scientists on social media during National Science Week.

Below are a few of the organisations that got into the spirit of National Science Week and showed off some of their STEM talent.

Agriculture Victoria(@agriculturevictoria) have been posting a ‘Meet our science stars’ series over the week.
Science at ANU(@ScienceANU) ran a number of live video streams with scientists and science communicators, and even a post specifically celebrating their ‘heros of medicine’ – ANU medical school teachers who save lives between lectures.
Australian Academy of Science(@AustralianAcademyofScience) looked back on and recognised the work of six early female Fellows of the Academy.
CSIRO(@CSIROnews) promoted their Faces of CSIRO page that introduces their scientists and gives them a chance to explain why they are passionate about their work.
Australia’s Chief Scientist(@chiefscientist) highlighted their ongoing work to shine a light on the #AusScienceHeros.
Robinson Research Institute(@RobsInstitute) profiled a number of their early- and mid-career academic staff with videos and stories.
Telethon Kids Institute(@TelethonKids) profiled a number of their staff highlighting the work that happens outside of the lab.

This list is by no means complete – but a good way to get a sense for what it means to be a scientist in Australia.

Can you name five living Australian scientists?

Source:: National Science Week