Paper-based surveys

Paper-based surveys are arguably one of the easiest ways to evaluate an event. We have provided five survey templates for different audiences:

  1. Default evaluation survey [DOCX 63 KB]
  2. General audience survey [DOCX 57 KB]
    General audience survey – with information source [DOCX 65 KB]
  3. Primary school survey [DOCX 61 KB]
  4. High school survey [DOCX 61 KB]
  5. In addition, we have some suggested event-specific evaluation questions [DOCX 17 KB].

The survey templates have been designed for use across a wide range of event types and topics. Some standard or common questions appear on all templates, to ensure consistency and allow us to measure impact across the many different events held across Australia.

How to use the paper-based surveys

Download your chosen survey tool from the list above, according to your target audience:

  • The Default surveyis ready to use if you do not want to alter questions. Just print it and go.
  • There are two General audience surveysfor use at events with participants of all ages. One of these includes a question on how participants found out about the event, if you wish to find out which publicity strategy was most effective.
  • The Primary school surveyis designed for events held at primary schools or exclusively for primary school students. The language has been simplified for younger students.
  • The High school surveyhas been tailored for use at events held at high schools or exclusively for high school students.

Whichever survey tool you choose, make sure you personalise it:

  • Insert your organisation’s logo by clicking on the picture icon in the top left-hand corner of the document.
  • Insert your event title below the logos (<Event title>).
  • Throughout the document, you can replace ‘this experience’ or ‘this event’ with your event title. For example, “I enjoyed this experience” becomes “I enjoyed Profs and Pints.”
  • In most questions, “science” can be replaced with your event topic. For example, “This experience has made me more interested in astronomy.” Please note that some questions cannot be edited in this way, as we wish to ask respondents about science in general terms.
  • On the second page, you can choose which open-ended questions to include. You can select questions from the Event-specific evaluation questionslist provided or add your own. You can include up to four open-ended questions.

Finally, print and photocopy the surveys, double-sided, and distribute them at your event.

Depending on the structure of your event, you could place surveys on tables, include them in participant packs, or hand them out at the end of the event. You may wish to have some clipboards and pens, and a collection box on hand to facilitate completion of the survey. Some event organisers choose to offer a small incentive, such as a lolly, sticker or balloon, for survey completion.