Inspiring a nation of scientists

We’re excited to hear the Government’s plans on “‘inspiring a nation of scientists” announced as a part of the innovation statement.

We’ll have more on these pages shortly, but meantime here is what the Government announced today:

“An estimated 75 per cent of jobs in the fastest-growing industries require science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skilled workers, and ensuring students have the skills to equip them for the workforce of the future is critical. For Australia to thrive in an increasingly STEM-based, digital economy will rely on engaging young people in STEM studies and ultimately STEM careers.

Our support for STEM education and community engagement will help children, families and the whole community engage in science, to understand the importance of science and the part they can play in Australia’s future.

Education in STEM will equip all Australians with the knowledge to navigate critical activities and challenges ranging from health and medical care and the environment, to the digital economy and life-long learning.

What’s happening?

To inspire Australians—from pre-schoolers to the broader community—to engage with STEM in society and participate in further study we’re investing $48 million over five years in:

  • expanding the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science to recognise the efforts of youth and early career research excellence in STEM
  • supporting participation of young Australians in competitions like the International Science and Mathematics Olympiads
  • developing play-based learning apps and science and mathematics resources for early childhood educators
  • supporting and expanding community engagement initiatives, including Inspiring Australia and citizen science projects.

When’s it happening?

Implementation of these initiatives will begin in 2016-17.

Where do I find out more? 

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