Five million science fans can’t be wrong

ScienceAlertIt started in 2005 as a humble website, but the Canberra-based ScienceAlert is now a social media superstar, having reached the milestone of 5 million fans on Facebook.

Every day, ScienceAlert posts news stories, feature articles, videos, images and comment to spread the work of Australian universities and research agencies. Its fans then share the stories further, increasing the reach to 10-15 million people worldwide.

“We also have 250,000 Australian fans and they in turn are helping us to reach 1-2 million Australians,” said ScienceAlert managing director Chris Casella. “This is great news for Australian science – at a time when reportage of science in the traditional media is flagging.”

More recently, ScienceAlert has been partnering with YouTube science celebrities to branch out into the real world, with shows like IFLS Live! in Sydney. This is all part of its mission to not only promote Australian science, but to give people the knowledge needed to tackle global issues.

“But science alone is not enough,” said ScienceAlert founder Julian Cribb. “The knowledge it generates needs to be shared at lightspeed among seven billion human beings, so they can make use of it. That is what motivates us.”

This knowledge can be found at

4 comments on “Five million science fans can’t be wrong”

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  2. Gary P Reply

    Its great to see more and more people becoming interested in science. The more they have in early education the better.

  3. vube Reply

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  4. shani Reply

    Not exactly an original point-of-view, but I do like the fact that you pointed out Uribes’ lack of support from his voting base. He still enjoys the wid chat rooms espread popularity and the support of a large sector of Colombian society. The controversy should be considered in the near future.

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