Dropping SCOM BOMBs live online

Will Grant and Rod Lamberts, hosts of the SCOM BOMB

SCOMB BOMBers, Will Grant and Rod Lamberts

Australia’s science communicators are a passionate and knowledgeable bunch, fit to burst with gravitas and intellectual commitment.

Yet lacking in this landscape is different voice: a voice for the downtrodden, a voice for the juvenile, a voice for the irreverent. A science communication voice happy to not only call a spade a spade but to also call it a dickhead if it has been a dickhead.

Well this voice is lacking no more. SCOM BOMB, a weekly Google Hangout presented by the good Doctors Rod Lamberts and Will Grant, drops bombs on the communication of science and the science of communication.

The pair strongly urge everyone interested in the communication of science to, “watch SCOM BOMB or risk living out your days in cowering ignorance, forever denied the sweet light of reason.”

Trying to be more serious, Will added: “we’re trying to launch a less serious – but still insightful – discussion about science communication.”

“Even if you’re curing cancer, you can spend a few minutes with us.”

You can join them live at 3pm AEDT every Thursday (Christmas holidays and a lazy January not withstanding), or watch later on YouTube. The best place to find them is at the No Funny Business website, nofunnybusiness.net

Stay tuned for special daily episodes of SCOM BOMB in February during the Australian Science Communicators National Conference.

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