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Upcoming Corporate Hospitality Events

Don’t leave your business relationships to chance. You must encourage loyalty.

Let your client, business contact, supplier, management or board of directors feel how valued they are by taking them to one of the many prestigious sporting events in the early 2017 calendar.

Taking time for face to face interaction cannot be underestimated in a technologically driven world. Simply being socially engaged with someone can have optimum effects on business levels.

Perhaps Mr. A. has given you half a million pounds’ worth of business in 2016 and you want to ensure that he knows he is appreciated so that in 2017 he sticks with you rather than wandering away to a competitor.

How can you build loyalty? By not treating Mr. A. like a walking contract! Find out what sporting event he likes and attend it in luxurious style.

If Mr. A. is Manchester United fan, take him to a match, enjoy hospitality events benefits and relax with him.
If Mr. A. enjoys horse racing take him to Royal Ascot or Epsom. Wine and dine him, become a friend, give him the opportunity to meet his sporting heroes.
If Mr. and Mrs. A. are fans of Sir Andy Murray, then you can take them to Wimbledon or the Aegon Championships.
If he loves nothing more than a night at the theatre, then book a box with perks and refreshments at the most popular show in the West End.

That’s how to build relationships and increase loyalty.

Below are some examples of hospitality events this spring that can make a business contact a friend and supporter.

Rugby 6 Nations – 18th March – The Aviva Stadium – Ireland vs. England.

This is an outstanding sporting event package from DTB Sports and Events. See the last match of the championship.

Private charter return flight from London Luton – Dublin International.
20kg luggage allowance.
Departure – Friday 17th March 1400hrs/1505hrs.
Return – Sunday 19th March 1505hrs/1610hrs.
Two night’s accommodation at 4* Camden Court Hotel including breakfast (based on twin share.)

*For guests who already have match tickets they will be operating hospitality only at the famous Royal Dublin Society (RDS) approximately 10 minutes’ walk from the Stadium.

Package includes:

Champagne reception.
Four course luncheon.
Rugby celebrity guest speaker.
VIP hostess service.
Complimentary bar – excluding champagne.
Fine wines and liqueurs.
Match programme.
TV and DVD replays.
Individual guest documentation.

Or how about cricket:

ICC Champions Trophy – 1st June 2017 – Kia Oval – England vs. Bangladesh.

Official top priced match tickets for restaurant guests or private seating in balcony area for boxes.
Tea, coffee and a breakfast are served on arrival.
Champagne reception pre-lunch.
Three course meal.
Complimentary bar – excluding champagne.
Traditional afternoon tea.
Match programme and scorecard.
Celebrity cricket guests in attendance (OCS Stand restaurants only.)
Plasma screens.
Official event documentation.

Don’t buy standard sporting events tickets, speak to event management firms and offer advantages and opportunities that leave contacts in no doubt that you esteem them as people.

Corporate Hospitality Is a Sound Investment

Corporate hospitality is an integral marketing tool and it helps to strengthen relationships between clients and suppliers or service providers. If you want to win that contract you should make a small investment which delivers huge dividends.

At the 2015 Rugby World Cup 80% of the business leaders questioned were confident in the power of corporate hospitality as a marketing tool.

Corporate hospitality is worth approximately £1.2 billon to the UK.

Maybe you believe that corporate hospitality at sports events is a waste of money, that the guest will simply lap up the attention and the opportunity and you’ll never see them again. Not so.

The positive effects of corporate hospitality have led to many contracts being signed.

When you host a client with a corporate hospitality package from one of the leading event companies you are taking them out of the work environment, doing something enjoyable and letting them know that they are special. Face to face interaction is invaluable.

Taking them to a restaurant may seem like a sufficient thank you but will it set you ahead of your competitors?

Business contact 1 chatted with the client and found out that they were keen on tennis. The client has given them several thousands of pounds’ worth of business and a corporate hospitality thank you at Wimbledon or the Aegon Championships will communicate gratitude and strengthen the relationship. As you are both away from the work environment you can get to know one another as friends without e-mails, phone calls and meetings demanding attention.
Business contact 2 decided that as grateful as they are for the client’s business that they would take them to a restaurant around the corner for lunch because time is money. A meal takes a couple of hours, job done. Of course, they may need to run back to the office or take calls on their mobile but that’s part of being a business leader, isn’t it?

Which contact would you give your next contract to if you were the client?

Sports events include cricket one day internationals, formula 1, the Open at Birkdale, football matches, rugby tournaments and race days.

Whichever sport your guest is interested in they can enjoy state of the art facilities, the best seats, refreshments, signed photographs, meet their heroes…the list of possibilities is almost endless.

Here’s a Royal Ascot example costing from £350:

Private Chalet

Grandstand admission.
Pimm’s No1 drinks reception.
Four course lunch.
Cheese, dessert and afternoon tea, buffet style.
Complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks bar throughout the day.
Royal Ascot magazine.
Racing newspapers.
Betting facilities.
Hostess service.
Television viewing.
One car park label per couple.

West End shows, ballet, opera, flower shows, food and drink festivals and bespoke events are equally catered for by event companies.

A corporate hospitality package of £500 from a firm like DTB Sports and Events costs a fraction of the profit you make from building business relationships.

Make your wisest investment today and reap the rewards.

Pre planning your funeral

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Pre planning a funeral means planning your own funeral before you die. Pre planning of funeral involves various steps that need to be fulfilled and taken so that your funeral will be done according to your wish and desires. These steps involve writing your will, designing the funeral, and making payment for your own funeral. There are many funeral homes which provide this facility.

Why is it important?

Funeral pre planning is done in order to take the financial burden off from your loved ones shoulders. You loved ones need not to make any kind of payments or extra expenses on your funeral as these funeral homes have already been paid. They also do not have to worry about planning your funeral. With pre planning, your funeral will be done in the same way as you have wished for.

How to pre plan the funeral?

Funeral pre planning comprises of few simple steps which are mentioned below.

  • Writing the will: You can write your will with the help of a lawyer. You will also need two witnesses who will sign your will. You can also appoint an executor who will administer the proceedings of your funeral.
  • Planning the funeral: You can plan your funeral type, whether you wish to get buried or cremated. Each funeral is done in its own way. You can mention whether you want to get buried underground or on the ground. The casket will be arranged by the funeral homes. In cremation, you need to specify certain location where your ashes should be scattered.
  • Payment plan: The cost of funeral is big so you can select the payment plan which fits best for you. The cost of your funeral entirely depends upon the features that you have selected.

You can contact Huntsville funeral home Legacy Chapel at 256-325-5011 to pre plan your funeral.

6 Easy But Effective Tips to Boost Productivity While Working at Home

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Sеtting uр a hоmе office is vital in any home-bаѕеd business. Primarily, it helps develop the right mindset for the business to succeed. Sadly many factors are соmmоnlу оvеrlооkеd bу mоѕt еntrерrеnеurѕ that mаkеs a big difference in boosting соnfidеnсе and аttitudе. Understand that like a typical business, working hоmе-bаѕеd tаkеѕ dеdiсаtiоn from its initial ѕеtuр nurtured by enduring maintenance for it tо run ѕmооthlу.

Invest In Your Workspace

The workplace is the crux when starting a home business. Much more if the choice is home embroidery. Never be tempted to think that the family can coexist with embroidery machineries. Business activities for this type cannot be set-up once the family is out (to the office or school) and fold up or close shop once the members are back.

Thus, the workplace must be a decent separate room with a desk and chair free of clutter, so operations can run without restriction. Best to redo the workplace to create an ambience that will allow smooth business operations all throughout the day.

Get Organized

When business emanates from the home, chances are personal and business files intertwine. Ensure then that separate bins or filing cabinets for both set of files are provided for easy access when needed.

Set dеаdlinеѕ fоr уоurѕеlf

The only setback when working at home is the tendency for one to slack-off. This could be attributed to a really relaxing home environment. But this can easily be reworked by setting deadlines and following it to the core. Deadlines encourages one to get more things done. Hence, if possible, set-up a magnetic whiteboard and develop a clear deadline schedule. This process could be irrational at first, but observing deadlines are definitely worth it.

Tаkе Short Breaks

Even if work pressures are already intimidating, one should take a short break to rewind. The short break doesn’t need to be half a month or a whole week. A few days vacation away will do a lot of good to revitalize. Constant focus on the work indefinitely allows one to burn-out and in effect the quality of work suffers. A good vacation to relax and have fun results in increased productivity and gets more work done.

Plan Your Tasks

Time management is the most important thing in a home-based business. Plan ahead, arrange and list down the task for the incoming week and share it with the team members (if available). Best to get the opinions of the team to come up with a more feasible plan. And once a plan is set, never deviate from it or problems can escalate that can result to a stressful week.


Never assume that the entire workload can be done by one person. Share the workload to meet looming deadlines and allow each team member to focus on priority tasks. If needed, hire personnel responsible for completing minor tasks like paying bills, procuring general office supplies, and ordering from an online ink and toner printer store. Remember running a home based office is never a one man or woman job. So delegate.

Bottom line: managing a home-based business is similar to running a multi-million corporation. It takes a lot of effort, endearing attachment, and personal commitment to boost productivity and succeed.

Feeling the Squeeze? How to Find a Bigger Office for Your Startup

It is not uncommon for businesses to grow out of home-based operations. After all, not everybody starts with the ambition to become the next Bill Gates. Some companies are born out of a personal hobby or interest, rather than a desire to make money. Others were initially designed to provide a second income, but their owners did not expect the idea to go far.

Success in the business world is not always the starting point, but talented entrepreneurs do not hesitate to seize the day and exploit opportunities. It is how many of the richest executives went on to become millionaires. What it does require, however, is a willingness to expand and give the company plenty of room to grow when the time comes.

Keep reading for more tips and advice on how to relocate your startup to a bigger, better-equipped workspace.

Location, Location, Location

Don’t just rush in head first and pick a location without considering its practical implications. Just being fond of a particular area is not sufficient. It has to offer the right things. They will be different for every business, so identify your needs. Where is your market? Should you position yourself close to the airport, in the heart of the retail district, or among the bigger financial players?

With virtual and serviced office solutions, you are free to make a perfect choice. While it might seem like a spot in the centre of town, with a prestigious address, is out of your budget, a shared facility makes it affordable. You get to access the same resources as you would in a conventional office space. The main difference is that you are accessing them in a collaborative environment. Visit to find out more.

The Right Amount of Space

One of the biggest dangers associated with long-term leases is the inability to grow. Think about it. You are a new business, so the focus is on controlling overheads and surviving the tricky first year. Splashing out on a lavish office is not always possible, but you also don’t want to condemn your company to a ‘starter’ home.

There needs to be room to breathe and, with a serviced facility, you can tweak your terms. For instance, the serviced offices in Bangkok combine corporate prestige with flexible, adaptable packages. You can move into a modest sized workspace in the Park Ventures Ecoplex or the Offices at Centralworld, with a view to upgrading when progress is healthy.

A Long List of Amenities

The services that come top of your list will depend on what your business needs to take it to the next level. For instance, tech ventures can probably afford to compromise on some features, but never connectivity and the quality of onsite hardware. Similarly, companies which liaise with clients and investors need to think about their requirements too.

Everything from private parking to the artwork on your walls is negotiable in a serviced office. They come in furnished and unfurnished packages, so you do not have to start from scratch. Your team could move into a fully equipped, ready to go workspace within a day or two of signing a short-term lease. If you do choose to go private (serviced), check that the HVAC system is of a high quality and that it is routinely serviced.

The Importance of Agility and Independence

The beauty of flexible office solutions is that they do not try to take independence away from businesses, as long-term leases do. These providers understand that nothing is absolute, especially where it comes to commerce. Sometimes, a big up or downgrade is not planned for years in advance. It is a timely response to market conditions, and it could mean the difference between survival and failure. So, agility should be a top priority for your burgeoning startup.

Filled With Number of Ingredient to Reduce the Body Weight

The maple syrup is filled with number of the antioxidants, which support to body and remain active for a long time. at the same time , it is filled with the number of the ingredient such the manganese, Zinc, calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium . Therefore, the client can obtain better support to boost the body in easy way. On the other hand , it helps to cut down the body weight in easy way and it never brings out negative effective to the body with no risk on it. Then it filled with lower score on the Glycolic index that turn out the better support for the customer to obtain the better solution to support the body. At the same time, the anti oxidant deliver the counteract and bring the better support for the customer. Hence, it will be more comfortable for the customer to obtain high level of the energy .

  • Elevation, blend of trees species tapped, nearby weather situations, and manufacturing strategies are make certain that no two maple syrups taste identical. The maple syrup from the equal farm may even be extraordinary from 12 months to year.
  • The grade light amber has a very mild, delicate maple taste. Most of the people pick out to apply the grade light amber on ice cream or on meals that will not overpower the syrup. Much like you would not pair a light white wine with a big steak.
  • The grade medium amber is greater flavorful that light amber, nevertheless has a moderate maple flavor. Medium amber is being in the center of the spectrum and is frequently the default maple syrup those human beings probably to shop for.

Therefore, the client can go wholesale maple syrup to order and save money on buying and time over the online.

How to increase ROI with financial planning software

Many economists are forecasting that the UK’s economy, which has apparently taken the Brexit vote in its stride so far, will slow down somewhat during the balance of 2017. Their reasons for this rather sombre prediction are varied and complicated, but the key factor seems to be uncertainty: it just isn’t clear what direction the country will take as our exit from the EU approaches. Financial advisers are clearly likely to feel the chill from any cooling of the economy.

Image Credit

Managing the uncertainty

Uncertainty isn’t good for any business sector. However, it’s singularly unhelpful for financial advisers, who need clarity to execute their roles with real effectiveness.

While there isn’t much that any of us can do to influence the external business climate, we can adapt our own practices to make sure that they at least are sources of certainty and efficiency. Investing in the latest generation of back office systems for financial advisers is probably one of the most useful ways to improve productivity, reduce long term overheads and ultimately ensure a healthy ROI.

Making the best use of your time

Billing, accounting and regulatory compliance – administration, in other words – are among the main drains on a financial adviser’s time and resources. They are time-consuming, unavoidable and labour-intensive, and they divert attention away from more profitable enterprises. They can, however, be dramatically simplified by the use of back office systems for financial advisers, such as those offered by firms like Intelliflo (

These sophisticated tools are designed to help businesses in the financial services sector to carry out vital administrative tasks quickly and accurately with a minimum of fuss, allowing fee-earning staff to deploy their time on more lucrative, strategically important exercises. The software helps firms to manage the systemic risks surrounding the provision of financial advice and, in this capacity, also helps to build a stronger, more sustainable business – a lean, efficient business which can deal with existing challenges and is well-equipped to manage future uncertainty.

Of course, investing in this kind of software does require a strategic and financial commitment. The ways in which it will transform a business and enhance its profitability, however, mean that firms will quickly recoup their outlay and get a great return on their investment.

Business Rate Rise in Scotland Will Be Capped at 12.5pc

A cap of 12.5% on rises in business rates for hospitality and tourism businesses based in Scotland has been warmly received by the BHA (the British Hospitality Association).

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There have been concerns bubbling around potentially speedy and steep increases in business rates for some time, but Derek Mackay, the finance secretary for Scotland, has alleviated some of those concerns for the approximately 8,000 tourism and hospitality firms that are set to benefit from this warmly welcomed cap.

Calls for a Rates Cap in England and Wales

The chief executive of the British Hospitality Association, Ufi Ibrahim, is now strongly urging the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, to make a similar announcement as part of the upcoming Spring Budget which the government have announced will take place on March 8 2017. He also said there should be a similar cap for firms within the tourism and hospitality sectors in England and Wales as well.

SMEs make up approximately 80% of the hospitality sector, and an increase in costs could prove detrimental to the whole industry, which is the UK’s fourth largest and a hugely important part of the economy as a whole. Unfortunately, many tourism and hospitality businesses are now classed as ‘just about managing’, and any support would be very welcomed. Such a gesture from the Chancellor could be hugely important, particularly as the tourism and hospitality industry currently provides over four million jobs.

Businesses and Jobs Have Been Saved Across Scotland

The Tourism Alliance of Scotland have welcomed Derek Mackay’s announcement and have said that many businesses that were facing potential closure are now experiencing a respite from complex financial challenges. Businesses ranging from those specialising in catering supplies and pizza ovens, such as, to hotels and restaurants will benefit. In many cases, large numbers of jobs will have been saved by this rate cap.

A revaluation of rates in Scotland last occurred in 2010, and businesses in the country have been calling for a move like this for some time, as the slump within the oil sector had not been properly accounted for or mitigated.

The Scottish government’s support of the tourism and hospitality industry is widely appreciated, and businesses are heartened at the recognition of their huge contribution to Scotland’s economy.

Can Buying Instagram Followers Really Help My Business?

When running a company with an online presence having a lot of followers simply makes good business sense. Followers will not only increase your brand awareness, but will make casual visitors take notice of your operation. Unfortunately the social media industry always presents a sort of catch 22 situation in the early stages: you need followers to get followers. While buying a boost may seem dishonest, if you use social media correctly and make an effort to attract organic followers, there’s really no harm.
Think about it, when was the last time you decided to follow an Instagram account that had little or zero followers? We simply don’t bother. However, when we see an account that has a few hundred, or a few thousand followers, we’re more than happy to double-tap without missing a beat.

The Trust Factor

It all comes down to the trust factor. When we see other people using a service or buying a product we automatically assume that it’s legitimate. However, we are afraid to be the “test subjects” ourselves, even if the opportunity offered exceeds expectation. In fact, this often presents another catch 22: the service must be too good to be true, or why would a new company charge so much without a proven track record? Having an Instagram account with followers may not completely eradicate this problem, but it will certainly minimize the damage and water down any negative connotations.

Engagement is King

Online marketers often say “content is king, engagement is queen” but really the phrase should be “engagement is king, content is queen.” When you’ve got an influx of followers on any social media account you must, must, must actively participate in conversations. When somebody leaves you a comment, starts following you or asks a question, make sure you answer them or at least acknowledge their presence publicly. Others will notice if you’re quiet.

The End Goal

Fundamentally, the end goal should be to attain a greater level of organic growth, so if you are going to buy an influx of followers, keep your eye on the prize. Paying should be a supplement, not a substitute. After all, when it comes to Instagram, success can only come from hard work and active participation.

Getting Started

When you first launch an Instagram account expect slow growth. Promote your social media accounts to friends and family and explain that you need a few followers and likes to get started. Then buy Instagram followers from a reputable service such as Vibbi – start small and go from there. Keep your profile updated and engage with organic followers. If you want to expand even faster, rinse and repeat this entire process.
There are of course plenty of people who abuse the system by buying Instagram followers, while never engaging with their organic followers or updating their accounts on a regular basis. Of course, this flawed method is bound for failure. But don’t listen to all of the horror stories you hear about buying followers. Providing you run your account like a professional, there’s no reason why it won’t help you achieve your goals.

Fun Office Fit Outs and the Effect on Staff Moral

It has been discovered that most businesses do undergo the process of office fit out without being able to achieve what it is primarily meant for. The truth is that this is a process that can help to improve the moral of staff in so many ways so long as it is done the way that it ought to.

The worst part is that most business owners or companies don’t even see the need for this process. According to them, the resources used in hiring companies in this field can be used in other aspects of their businesses. This is a wrong idea that can only prove costly in the long run.

Are you one of such people? Do you know that there are lots of ways through which office fit out can influence the moral of your staff? This is very important but only few business owners try to undergo it. The major aim of this post will be to expose you to some of the ways through which this process can positively affect the moral of your workforce. Discovering these simple facts will only do one thing which is to help convince you on why you should look for a company that can help you out today.

Better Overall Employee Performance

Are you struggling to bring out the best in your employees? Do you know that you could do this with the perfect office fitout? What most business owners don’t know is that the level of productivity of their workers is partly a function of the environments that they find themselves.

This implies that the better the environment is in terms of arrangement, the more productive they will be. You have to ensure that you have made such an environment available for them to work in.

Improved Wellbeing of Employees

Do you want to create a positive mindset in your employees while they discharge their duties? This is the formula that you can make use of. As simple as this may sound, it can help to create a sense of wellness in your workers. Workers tend to get frustrated when they are allocated to offices that are not well arranged or presented.

On the other hand, it makes them happy while discharging their roles as they know that they are doing such in an environment that is very comfortable. The right wellbeing in employees is very important for the growth and success of any company. This is perhaps why companies are beginning to turn to the option of office fit out so as to have employees motivated in the best possible way.

Another way that office fit out has positively impacted the moral of employees is that it has created a sense of belonging in them. Employees like it when they are discharging their duties in environments that are dynamic and organized in a modern way. This makes them to have that feeling of pride that they are working with a recognized outfit. This can even determine whether an employee will stay in a company for the long term or not.