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Swimming teacher turned science communicator Carly Siebentritt

Getting crafty with science communication

Making videos, getting involved with Melbourne’s festivals and getting crafty with CWA ladies is all in a day’s work for science communicator Carly Siebentritt. In this story, we get to know Victoria’s resident Inspiring Australia Officer, one of eight who are there to support science communication and engagement projects in each state and territory, help them gain publicity and enable local collaboration.

Poo Power! A new breed of superhero.

Pet Poo Power! A new view of waste

From Richmond to Northcote, the pet dogs of inner northern Melbourne make about 750 tonnes of dog poo every year – and about 150 tonnes of poo ends up in the city’s parks. A project in Melbourne’s City of Yarra is turning that poo into power for park lights and barbecues, instead of leaving it to spread pathogens and pollute stormwater.

Computer-generated image of messenger RNA transcription. VIZBIplus: visualising the future of biomedicine.

Visualising science with Björk’s biomedical animator

Three bright young scientists are learning the art of 3D biomedical animation from the man behind Björk’s beautiful DNA-inspired film clip for the song Hollow. BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning biomedical animator Drew Berry is training the next generation of science animators to use engaging graphics, cinematography, storytelling and sound engineering to help audiences visualise and understand biomedicine.

The truth behind sci-fi films revealed

Could you make yourself disappear with an invisibility cloak? Or defend yourself with a lightsaber? Can bacteria be teleported from one place to the other? Scientists from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) are putting some of the world’s most popular science fiction films ‘under the microscope’ to see what is possible and what’s pure fiction.

Building the Inspiring Australia community

Around Australia, hundreds of scientists, science communicators, outreach officers, teachers and students are running engagement projects, planning National Science Week events and entering science awards – all with the support of Inspiring Australia. From harvesting traditional knowledge in the Tiwi Islands in the Top End to mapping marine species in the Southern Ocean, they’re helping to support and promote science and science literacy across the country.

Though we work in disparate offices and diverse organisations around the country, together we’re a community. We want to build and strengthen that community and we’re working with the Inspiring Australia team to build a communication platform to do just that.

Inspiring Australia grant overviews

A total of $5 million has been awarded across three levels of grant categories, small, medium and large, for projects to be delivered in 2012 and/or 2013 and/or 2014. The prime objective of the program is to increase the engagement of Australians in science and it has prioritised projects that engage people who may not

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