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'Can we save our precious reefs in time?' panel event (photo courtesy of World Science Festival Brisbane)

Keys to a good panel event – insights from 2016 World Science Festival Brisbane

From Tanya Ha, Science in Public In March 2016, an estimated 120,000 people descended upon free and ticketed events and street science shows in Brisbane’s Cultural Precinct—all for the fun, fascination and food-for-thought offered by science. The inaugural World Science Festival Brisbane, presented by Queensland Museum, boasted a line-up of over 120 speakers from nine countries, including

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Where's wallaby?

Where’s wallaby? 45,000 citizen scientists help researchers save our species

Wildlife Spotter is the online citizen science project for National Science Week 2016, undertaken by ABC Science in conjunction with the Australian Museum and six different wildlife research projects. Supported by funding through the Citizen Science package, it’s giving Australian from all walks of life an insight into the research process. Australia is a vast

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Biomedical animator Maja Divjak (Photo: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)

The next generation of biomedical animators

In 2012, VizbiPlus won a $350,000 Inspiring Australia grant to help three biomedical animators learn from the master—award-winning biomedical animator Drew Berry. They’re now applying their skills, telling medical stories, explaining epigenetics and demystifying gene technology. VizbiPlus is a joint project of two top biomedical research institutes—The Garvan in Sydney and Walter and Eliza Hall

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Indigenous Science Experience @ Redfern: from traditional knowledge to 21st Century Minds

The annual Indigenous Science Experience @ Redfern is demonstrating the value of traditional knowledge and contemporary Indigenous science. Now the National Indigenous Science Education Program has attracted the attention of PwC. Several years ago, Yaegl Aboriginal Elders approached Macquarie University scientists to help engage their youth with science and realise their potential. With the help

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Prize for citizen science; World Science Festival; scientists in Poliwood; and a first taste of National Science Week 2016

News from Inspiring Australia 2016 is off and running. The #ideasboom is rolling out with briefings around the country through March. Citizen science has received a funding injection through the National Innovation and Science Agenda—you can: enter your success story for a new $10,000 prize for citizen science, share knowledge through a dedicated citizen science

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Neural Knitworks: award-winning community science engagement

By Jackie Randles Hazelhurst Gallery and Arts Centre was recently awarded best community engagement program at the IMAGinE Awards Museums and Galleries NSW for Neural Knitworks: craft a healthy brain, a community engagement project first developed for National Science Week 2014. Founded by textile artist Pat Pillai, the neuroscience awareness project was developed with the

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