Expert Working Groups

The Inspiring Australia Report provides a framework and a broad strategy for Australia to work together on improving science engagement in Australia. However, the Inspiring Australia Strategy has to have greater depth and more detailed action in order for all the partners to be able to effectively work together.

Therefore, the Australian Government facilitated the establishment of Expert Working Groups on specific areas of science engagement in Australia, as well as specialist reports, including the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences’ report Inspiring Industry to Inspire Australia – Business and Science Outreach (PDF, 2.94 MB) and (accessible DOCX, 95 kB).

The Expert Working Groups were tasked with gathering the experts, consulting broadly, developing a draft report for public consultation and then delivering a final report with key recommendations for how the science community operating in that specific area can work together to improve science engagement.

Inspiring Australia commissioned six Expert Working Groups:

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